Here’s how we do it:

solar powered workshop
Our workshop is 100% solar-powered, meaning all the tools we use to build your van are sun-powered.

air source heating and chunky fleeces
We keep it cosy with a combination of air source heating and chunky fleeces.

recycling bi-products
All the bi-product of the build is recycled, right down to single-use plastic wrap which makes earth-friendly eco-bricks.

eco friendly campervan
We use recycled plastic bottle insulation in your van to make it a four-season eco-friendly campervan.

reduced campervan emissions
Where the budget allows, we love using Earthborn Paint which is ethical & eco-friendly.

reduced campervan emissions
We plant 6 beautiful indigenous trees in UK soil, to offset the first 1000 miles of your campervan emissions, and help you on your way to being a clean, green camper.