We’re a small team of craftsmen based in Sheffield, but we work with van owners across the UK. We’re passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on offering a high-quality, handmade finish on all of our campervans.

We have joinery, plumbing and electrical skills in our passionate team, giving you the best possible van conversion. Plus, we work with qualified professionals to sign off on all safety aspects.

 Life Camper – noun

A person who travels in or lives out of their bespoke, hand-crafted campervan. They stop wherever they choose and roam for however long they want.

Meet Bryn

Hi, I’m Bryn, an ex-design and technology teacher and van conversion enthusiast!

The idea for Bhode Vans Conversions came to me after I renovated and remodelled our family home which fuelled a fire in me that I didn’t know existed! Lots of people told me how impressive the finish was and that I should work on more transformation projects. I realised how much I enjoy crafting a bespoke finish to create something to be proud of and decided to start converting a van. I started on my first van back in 2019 and got hooked on helping more people to design and build their dream vans for travels and adventures.

My favourite part of the process is sketching out ideas on paper and working on wishlists to see how we can fit everything into a van.

Meet Tom

I’m Tom and before joining Bryn at Bhode Vans, I studied Garden Design and worked in this sector for many years, building up my joinery experience on large and small projects.

My favourite part of working at Bhode Vans is the variety of vans and ideas we have coming through the workshop. It’s great to be working on a new curved seating design one day and then installing gas tanks and appliances the next! My least favourite part is Bryn quoting The Office US at me at least once a day…

What do our campers say?